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One Source Consulting B.V

The leading employment and recruitment agency ONESource Consulting is based in the Netherlands. The foundation of the firm is based on the premise to provide cost-effective, flexible, and tailored recruitment/staffing solutions in response to the varied market demands. The firm emphasizes on providing quality solutions, services, and deliverables andspecializes in the employment and recruitment of professionals and personnel in many different business sectors.

One Source Consulting truly believes in the principle that any firm which wisely invests its financial and other resources in the hiring of the best talent creates competent team, and has an edge in the competitive markets of the modern era. One Source Consulting relies on its high performance and passionate teams that develop efficient and unique business processes, and have been transformational for the various business segments and industries.

We serve as a seamless, professional, and even advance the extension of the human resource processes of our clients. The end-to-end recruitment agency carries out tasks and recruitment processes including sourcing, skill evaluation, preliminary screening and interviewing evaluation, and staffing and recruitment of the aspirants against the available and open job vacancies.

With decades of experience, competent skills, and top notch-resources in global recruitment, One Source Consulting may be one of the best options you have when you are seeking a recruitment partner.