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Vecter proto engineering is a young agency committed to the design and development of prototypes in the aviation, automotive and motorsports industry. Founder Remco Leenen is an experienced design engineer, who worked in Formula 1 for over 10 years and in the aviation industry for 5 years. In 2013 he formed a team of skilled engineers and started operating under the name ‘Vecter’ from the Netherlands.

Optimum design;

Clients are from Germany, Russia and Great Brittain, but there are no limits. Not geographically, nor technically speaking. Cheaper, lighter, faster, stronger, just let us know where the challenge lies and we will design the best solution possible.

Mechanical dynamic systems;

Our main objective is to operate as a flexible unit and deliver inventive, client based solutions. We focus on mechanical dynamic systems, with the emphases on drivetrain technology. Vecter proto engineering handles anything from concept development to fully operational prototypes.

Intensive support;

Although the design and manufacturing of prototypes is our key strength, we recognise that this is often the first step on a journey towards mass production or further development work. Our services therefore include intensive support during assembly, start-up and the testprocess of the prototype.

Inventive & practical endresult;

Our services include anything from concept development to a prototype ready for productionisation. Vecter engineers master the skills and means necessary to ensure an inventive but also practical endresult. Our competencies include:

– CAD; – Calculations & simulations; – Finite Element Analyses; – System modeling and analyses.



The form below is a good way to inquire about or get in touch with Vecter proto engineering, but if preferred feel free to contact Remco Leenen directly through the following details:

Vecter proto engineering Torenallee 26-14 5617 BD Eindhoven The Netherlands T +31 (0)40 3030860 M +31 (0)6 47125176 E info@vecter.nl


Vecter B.V.